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Keyword Country API (Application Programming Interface)

Keyword Country API lets developers to connect with our servers directly, and programmatically search in Keyword Country like a normal user would do! KC API equips you with several features otherwise impossible in 'regular subscription' of Keyword Country.

Key Features of KC API

Speedy Keyword Research
get 10 thousands of keywords against any search, query column data of your bulky keyword list.

Understand 'relations' between the keywords
Discover sub-categories or sibling-categories of any keyword using LSI Search

Find 'the theme' of any webpage
crawl webpages to find their theme &keywords (proven to discover 95% of the keywords where Google would rank a webpage)

Unreveal popular niche Misspellings
identify highly popular misspellings of a keyword

how it works:

Affordable Pricing

Even after a huge host of features, KC API comes affordable for businesses of all sizes, with packages starting from as low as $400 (or 4 cents/query). Contact us for volume pricing.

How to begin?

Apply for a license by filling this short form here. Soon after application, our representative will reach you to discuss your needs, setup account, &help you with integration. Our programmers can also work with you & finish your integration (even write an example source code in programming language of your choice).
Have some unique need which KC API wouldn't meet? Discuss with us. We actively customize KC API to meet custom needs of enterprises

Apply for KC API

see what others are doing with KC API...

improving Ads on parked domains
of their customers...

improving search experience
on their website...

finding Theme Keywords of
millions of pages by crawling

auto generating meta keywords, PPC
keywords for products of their inventory

offering keyword research
tool in their website

automatic content generation

What People are Saying?

Webmaster: Start I use Keyword Country ALL the time. It's one of my most favorite keyword mining tools, and I've got access to tons of others, some that cost thousands of dollars per month, and you guys are still kicking their asses. Webmaster: end- Jon Fisher
I use Keyword Country ALL the time |

stI've bought and been using KC for a few weeks now, and it's absolutely great. In fact, I've trashed my Keyword Elite, and my paid WordTracker account, relying only on KC for KW research and much more. The features are endless. end
- - Joshua Harris

stI started as a newbie and now I am earning $1600 per month (and growing) just from 4 websites. Keyword Country was instrumental in selecting the Keywords needed in order to pull Adsense and Affliate income that I am earning today and I am not done yet, 95 more websites to go.end
- Nestor Pabon

stKeyword Country is the most complete tool on the market. Whether you work with SEO, AdSense or PPC, it will get the job done. I started using it some months ago and I can say that I am set as far as keyword research goes. end
- Daniel Scocco

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